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Definitely a book worth borrowing or buying! Jan Gehl explores how we can design and upgrade our our towns and cities so people are put first. With history, debate and case studies, this is one of the most interesting and enlightening book I have read in years and it deserves a place in your real or virtual library.

The ConDem coalition government scrapped Cycling England in 2011 to save a paltry £200k a year. The organisation was an independent expert-led body which was gradually becoming an authority on cycling in the UK including a fair bit of work on infrastructure. This link is to some photos of different types on infrastructure. I am not suggesting that it is good, bad or ugly, just that losing this resource was a mistake, but what did you expect from the car-centrics?

An A to Z* of words, terms and organisations which you might need to know more about when you read a technical document, consultation, newspaper or even to hold your own in a cycling and transport conversation!
* actually starts with "2" for 20mph limit.

A great resource available as a PDF produced by Urban Movement. The document provides loads of examples of how different countries deliver cycling infrastructure and the good news is that I reckon much of it could be reproduced in the UK!

A collaboration between Tim Pharoah and Dorset County Council 20 years ago is still well worth a read.

National advice on how new urban streets should be designed. Some parts are still a bit car-centric, but it is not too bad. It was published in 2007 and so I think needs to be updated.

If your interest is in how designing for cycling is being achieved in the USA, then this is the book for you. We cannot directly use many of the designs in the UK, but there are great ideas and it certainly broadens one's mind!

This is perhaps more accessible to a UK audience that the Bikeway Design Guide and many concepts could easily be used here without modification. I found the storm water and interim measures sections particularly interesting.

This can be downloaded for free and is an excellent all-round "streets" design guide. A must read for designers and campaigners alike.

A fantastic highways construction website which will of be interest and use to many people involved in the design and construction of highways or campaigners wanting to brush up on terminology and techniques to take "them" on at "their" own game.

Carlton Reid takes us through a huge and detailed history of how it was cyclists who pushed for better roads and how our streets were gradually appropriated for motors - the start of the sleepwalk into todays problems.

Campaigning resources. A compendium of campaigning and better streets resouces.

This is the story of how Janette Sadik-Khan became New York's transport commissioner and with her team, started to make change happen for active travel, public transport and for people rather than cars in the Big Apple.

Published by the Chartered Institution of Highways & Transportation, STUE is a suite of guidance documents covering various subjects. I am proud to be the author of one of the documents; "Designing for Walking".

From the USA, this books shows how many small (and low cost) interventions can add up to bigger change for our streets and neighbourhoods. 

Brought to you by the Chartered Institute of Logistics & Transport, The Hub is a "home for online cycling resources. Actually, loads of cycling-related stuff!

The Hub has an archive of a very useful document called "Cycle Schemes & Legal Procedures" which is a must read for those wanting to build on-highway cycle tracks and the like.

This is a suite of several documents which provide the guidance on how to design and use traffic signs and road marking. It is a bit easier to follow than the legislation, but some is out of date and doesn't reflect the 2011 amendments.

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    1. Cheers. I couldn't find a couple of those, so unfortunately had to delete the links.

  2. I thought MFS had now been updated to MFS2.

  3. Manual for Streets 2 supplement publ. 2010.

    1. MfS2 is an addition to MfS and was written to try and deal with streets between local residential streets (the thrust of MfS) and trunk roads - it was often called "Manual for High Streets". MfS is currently being re-written and will problem draw on MfS2, but there is no actual title yet, maybe MfS3!