Thursday, 15 August 2013

I Am Not A Cyclist, I Am A Voter

david cameron thought he could silence cyclists with a few quid for a few places (which is dwarfed by his road spending plans), so it is even more important to keep the pressure on him to take cycling seriously as a mode of transport.

Cameron, Johnson. The Voters are coming...
Actually, this post is not about the funding (or lack of it), many others have written about the subject over the last week or so. I and many others think that the the announcement has been made in advance of the cycling debate planned in Parliament for Monday 2nd September. 

Perhaps he has tried to pre-empt the debate and if he had announced £77 billion rather than million, then he would have done so. No this post will be short and I am asking you to do two things;

1) Write to your MP asking them to attend the debate

2) Sign the petition started by the Times' Kaya Burgess calling for the Government to implement the recommendations of the the All Party Parliamentary Cycling Group's "Get Britain Cycling" report.

For those living and working in London, I have a further request and this is to join the London Cycling Campaign's protest ride to Parliament on the night of the debate calling for Space for Cycling. While the protest was kind of aimed at the Mayor of London to start with, it is gaining momentum and so will be aimed at all politicians to show leadership and that starts at the top with Cameron.

I am not a cyclist, I am a voter who wants to get around quickly, safely, cheaply, quietly, healthily and cleanly.

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