Friday 13 February 2015

Carry On At Your Convenience

Why is it that some people put their own convenience above others? I am sick of seeing people parking on the footway because they are too lazy or ignorant to think about those who need to get past.

Whether it is someone popping into a shop and will only be a couple of minutes, a parcel company driver deciding that the footway is fair game, or a tradesperson trying to get their van as close as possible to the front door of the property they are working on, our streets are plagued by these people. 

Stop being so bloody selfish and park properly and yes, you might need to plan your journey better, park round the corner or do the job at a different time of day. Fools.

Why can't you deliver at a quieter time of day, or
use the rear entrance?

Are you happy with that bit of parking?

Park round the corner and walk round you lazy sod.

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