Friday 26 June 2015

A Lazy Post

Look, I will level you, I have run out of steam this week and so this week's post is a lazy bit of navel-gazing.

It's been a bitter-sweet few weeks in London with more people being killed riding their bicycles, but some big schemes starting on site in Central London. There is also something very interesting being proposed for the Whipps Cross Roundabout in Waltham Forest. In London (well some parts at least) it does feel that things might be happening now - certainly far more interesting things than the splurges of blue paint which were passed off as cycling infrastructure when I started this blog.

Normal service will be resumed next week as I will be attending the reinvigorating weekend (tomorrow and Sunday) which is the Cycling Embassy of Great's Britain's AGM and Infrastructure Summit, being held in Leicester. I am looking forward to seeing more interesting UK infrastructure and I am hoping to show that perhaps we do know what we are doing only if we have money and political will. Of course, meeting people will be equally as interesting as will the kerb-nerdery which will take place (yes, my tape measure and spirit level are packed).

So, in the meantime, have a wonderful weekend, whether it riding bicycles or wandering about!

Looking forward to bicycles and cricket being the new definition of
Englishness (sorry rest of the UK!)


  1. A nice bit of kerbnerderry to get you started.

    I was at the CycleCity event in Newcastle where I was introduced to the 'Cambridge kerb', evidently specially commissioned by Cambridge Council in association with Charcon. Its special feature? A 12.5 degree slope allowing easier and safer interchange between cycle track and carriageway. Now as CinC of the Kerb Nerd Front you will immediately recognise that 12.5 degrees is the slope of a normal half-battered kerb. Therefore, the same effect could have been obtained by turning a common-or-garden HB kerb on its side without the need to get a new type manufactured. Discuss.

    Andy R.

  2. Indeed, and I am led to believe that HB2 on side has been the approach in Leicester - I'll see over the weekend! My only issues are;

    (i) Still a small bullnose when HB2 is laid on side, might catch a wheel,

    (ii) Not much depth for bed and backing

  3. Seen it used locally and it seems to have held up OK, albeit in medium trafficked areas like a leisure centre car park.