Thursday, 15 May 2014

The Big Ride 2014

There is just one thing to think about this week and that is the #space4cycling big ride which is taking place on saturday with several events across the country.

Rides are planned in London, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Sheffield and Sollihull (sorry if there are more and I have missed them!)

The rides aim to send a loud, unified and clear message to those standing for election next week that we want #Space4Cycling and indeed the Country needs #Space4Cycling.

The London Cycling Campaign has produced resources which can be downloaded here and there is still time to contact your council candidates to demand #Space4Cycling here.

This ride and the messages behind it is not just important to me as a bike riding resident of London, it is important as those who are elected will be running the place where I work for the next 5 years and their attitudes will directly affect the work I do. 

We can either carry on as usual, failing to change our streets for people and dealing with the congestion and pollution, or we can do something new that cities all over the world have proved to work - providing #Space4Cycling.

Ranty Junior and I will be going to the London ride, probably via CS3 with a food stop at Borough Market (as usual!). Like many, we will be wearing red, the colour of the LCC and we will be ready to make some noise!

I hope to see thousands of you on Saturday!

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