Saturday, 19 October 2019

Cargo Joy

One the small pieces of daily joy for me is spotting cargo cycles as I walk in Central London - mainly from the Tube to my office, but elsewhere too.

The problem of course is that cycle traffic is an efficient transport mode which means it's not always easy to be able to notice a cargo cycle and then get a photo of it. However, here are three which I have managed to capture in the last fortnight;

Christiania tricycle

Hercules e-cargo bicycle (Coop Food)

Urban Arrow e-cargo bicycle (Pedalme)

It's pure anecdote of course, but I'm sure I'm seeing more and more cargo cycles and it's testament to their versatility in shifting people and goods with an efficiency of space and within a predictable time. 

Increasingly our towns and cities are densifying which means even more demand for moving people and goods around. It's simply not possible to add road capacity and so we need to make the space we have work smarter and part of that smarter future will be cargo cycles. I fully expect to be seeing a lot more of them in the coming years.


  1. i probably see on average 5-6 a day. there are two sets of parents who have a trike cargo bike each who do the school run along the Thames Path (despite the flower pot barriers), i usually see at least one bullet courier and one Pedal Me urban Arrow. and then on random days i either see a christina trike in battersea or up by ebury road.

    funnily enough though, when i am on my cargobike i see no one else on one.

    but yes, i agree, this year was definitely more noticeable the number out there

    1. It really is a little bit of joy - I saw two in the 5 minute walk between my office and the station this afternoon!