Saturday 20 April 2013

Brushing Up On....

I wouldn't normally do this, but as this was such an entertaining show (for an engineer), I thought I would share it.

Motormouth Baker takes a look through tunnels at
about 500 words a minute. Image from BBC iPlayer.
Danny Baker presents a 4-part series on BBC4 called "Brushing Up On....". In the first episode he takes an irreverent look at tunnels and in the next, he will be looking at bridges.

Using archive footage of tunnels and tunnelling, often taken out of context for comedy value, Baker reminds us yet again that there is nothing engineers cannot do.

For those who like their tunnelling raw and primal, there is always crawling through caves;

"For some people, though, it's not enough to wait around like mindless sides of beef while giant corporations build tunnels for them to journey through in style and comfort. No, these folks are the pro tunnel enthusiasts, they take their tunnels where they find them"

Shown Thursdays at 20:30 and Tuesdays at 00:20 and on iPlayer.

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